What Juice Plus Did For Me.

In 2011 I began to have trouble with an infected heart valve. I was becoming breathless quickly and had to take long rests to get my breath back. It was obvious that my left ventricle had a thickened wall and also blood was flowing back into the ventricle instead of getting pumped out through my body.

In 2012 things got worse, I had lost consciousness a couple of times and whenever I lay down I felt dizziness for over a quarter of an hour. It was decided that I was to have an aortic valve replacement with open heart surgery.

After the operation I felt quite well. I soon was walking much more than I had before without getting breathless. Then, about two weeks after the operation an infection set into the area around my sternum. I had contracted a bacteria called Pseudomonas a. At first the wound was just oozing but after a few days my temperature went up and I had to go back into hospital.

It took three bouts of two antibiotics to bring things under control. The bacteria had been beaten but Candida had set in and for me this was far worse than the bacterial infection. I felt really lousy. It took over a month to get rid of it, or at least to contain it to a level that was manageable. these things are very difficult to completely get rid of.

All was well for a while, a short while. It was after a couple of months that I started getting hand shaking, muscle pain, joint pain, IBS symptoms, depression,anxiety and twitching legs. My GP told me that she was sure I had Fibromyalgiatop-view-1248950_1920 and sent me to a reumatologist for diagnosis. He confirmed the worst, I indeed did have Fibromyalgia. At first there was not much to do except to rest, exercise in a heated pool, have gentle massages and whatever else I discovered helped, such as classical music.

It was then that an old and loyal friend phoned me and told me about Juice Plus and it’s nutritional properties. To tell you the truth, I decided to take it more to keep the replacement heart valve in shape than for the fibromyalgia. Anyway, I started to take Juice Plus capsules. In a reasonably short time I started to feel improvements in little niggly things like split skin on my hands, a better complexion, fewer hunger pangs. Sometime after that I realized that I had more energy and I was more motivated. I could exercise almost three time more than I had done before taking the capsules and my concentration was improving. I could do some work again and I was sleeping less and napping less. With Fibromyalgia these things are major achievements. I will confide in you that before taking the Juice Plus capsules I was considering travelling to Switzerland for euthanasia. I don’t think I would have done it because of my love for my children, however, the thoughts and desire were there and because of this I was a candidate for a period of treatment in the psychiatric ward.

Thankfully Juice Plus got me out of that situation and after a period of nearly six years away from the blog I am working on it again. Even my doctors couldn’t believe the difference Juice Plus had had upon me. The Author.

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