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To say that food is always to blame for stomach disease is really quite far from the truth. Many other things can cause disease just as easily as food. We may touch animals, we may touch soil, waste materials, and many other things and by inadvertently putting our fingers into our mouths we often transfer bacteria into our bodies. In saying that, it would also be ridiculous to wash our hand every ten minutes. We need exposure to our environment to develop out immune systems. We should, however, take precautions when we do something out of the ordinary such as clearing drains, cleaning toilets and so forth.

Likewise, water is a problematic area. Water is open to the environment almost all of the time. Fish live and die in it. Animals interact with it all the time. Humans dump waste and chemicals into it and finally we are expected to drink it.

In most of the developed world our water purification or desalination plants do a good job in making our water basically safe to drink. A lot of money and time is invested into making sure all impurities are filtered out. However, water still has to be pumped trough an infrastructure of pipes that bring the water to our homes. Many of these pipes leak and water becomes exposed to the soil surrounding them and if that wasn’t enough, water pipes more often than mot run alongside drainage pipes that also leak. When this happens we get cross contamination. Typical municipal statistics in developed countries show that between thirty to fifty percent of drinking water and drainage water respectively is lost due to leakage.

It is therefore quite clear to see that the water that left the treatment plant is not in the same condition once it reaches our home or business.

Some statistics say that the source of up to sixty percent of all common ailments can be traced to water quality! That’s quite staggering news.

So what can we do to make our drinking water safer? The obvious choice is to filter your water before drinking it. There are many such home water filtration systems on the market. It is often difficult to know exactly which one suits our needs. Take some time and ask your water authority which one they think is best for your purposes.

I once heard of a case where a famous restaurant in a big European city was receiving complaints that people felt unwell after eating there. The owners of the place checked all the could think of to ensure that hygiene was as good as it could be within the restaurant. Finally a person from the municipality came round to take a random water check and found that many dangerous bacteria were present in the water. It turned out that earthquakes over the years had caused both water and drain pipes under the establishment to leak profusely and the water that the restaurant was getting was not suitable for human consumption. It took a whole month months of intense repairs to put the problem right. Eventually the restaurant re opened and does not have to worry about dangerous water anymore.

All businesses should request water quality tests periodically.

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