Mould Poisoning In Tel Aviv

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Doctors in Tel Aviv hosptials were shocked by the arrival of 85 people to hospital, all showing signs of some sort of classic toxin poisoning and allergic reactions.

Staff at the three Tel Aviv hospitals were further amazed to discover that all 85 people seemed to live in close proximity to one another. Toxicological tests were performed on blood and stool samples of all the victims. Labotatory staff were hightly surprized to find that all showed clear signs of  food mould poisoning.

All the patients were admisistered antidotes to the toxin and are expected to make a full recovery within several days.

Hospital authorities informed Tel Aviv police and public health officials about this potentially lethal development. Investigation of the patients by police showed one thing in common to all of them. All had bought flaky pastry products at a local bakery.

On investigation of workers and the owner of the bakery, police officials discovered that one of the workers had forgotten to put part of a consignment of pastry into the freezer and had left it in a service room for four days.

The pastry thawed and mould grew on the pastry rolls. Not wanting to throw the pastry out, the owner of the business had instructed staff to scrape the mould off as best they could and to use it for the manufacture of the days poducts.

The unsuspecting public eagerly bought the pastry and ate it suspecting nothing. Soon after all of them showed signs of food poisoning and arrived at three of Tel Avivs hospitals for treatment.

The department of public health in Tel Aviv are bringing charges against the bakery owner and have closed the bakery down until further notice.

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