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How important is correct food hygiene?

Food contamination is one of the most critical factors in public health. Food should be fresh and as free from bacteria as is possible to achieve to ensure good food hygiene.

Food hygiene can be compromised at eight different stages in its supply and preparation. These stages literally start on the farm and end on the fork.

At every stage great care must be taken to ensure that the end product will be safe to eat. Regular food hygiene inspection by qualified food hygiene inspectors are an integral and necessary part of the food industry and should be accepted by all food preparation businesses openly, regularly and readily.

Great profits are to be made by bending the rules of correct food hygiene principles. Many unscrupulous people are waiting in the wings for an opportunity to sell you food that is not fit for human consumption and in doing so endanger the health of you, your family, your friends and that of the general public. Safeguards and regulatory bodies are put into place to protect you and/or your clients. Everybody should have a basic education in basic food hygiene essentials to enable them to protect the most sacred interest of their family and themselves, namely, their health.

Bacteria are getting stronger and more virulent by the day. Antibiotics are having less and less effect in reducing bacterial threat. Soon we may well no longer be able to rely on anti-biotics to rectify our mistakes. It is therefore of the utmost importance to a) be sure that we are buying safe food and b) know how to prepare it and serve it safely and hygenically.

Please read the contents of this blog to become aware of the dangers of contaminated food.
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