Crackdown on China’s Food Industry

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If you have ever been suspicious of food made in China your concerns may well have been just. Amid the growing trend of buying Chinese products may cause for concern among the industrialist ranks.

Recently the Sanlu milk company recalled their renowned baby milk formula due to large quantities of Melanin in the formula. Melanin in large doses is dangerous to human health and is mostly used in animal food products.

300,000 toddlers fell seriously sick and several died after being fed the Sanlu formula. In the wake of this tragedy new legislation is being introduced this June to force companies to only use appropriate and safe substances in human or animal food and then only if it proved absolutely necessary. The new supervisory body being set up to control China’s  growing food industry is being designed along similar lines to the American FDA.

Many say that this new body will be hard pushed in making a real difference in China’s food industry. Traditionally in China industrialists have been granted a great deal of leeway by the central government in areas of quality control. Now problems are mounting up at an alarming rate and the government can no longer turn a blind eye to industrial shenanigans. The government has said clearly that it considers it the responsibility of the companies in question to ensure food hygiene and safety. Chinese government authorities say that stiffer penalties will be introduced to rectify flaws in a food market which is  now difficult to contol.

In the wake of this scandal western regulatory bodies will have make more frequent random checks on foods imported from China.

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2 Responses to “Crackdown on China’s Food Industry”

  1. Andrew Routledge

    Dear Sir, I work closely with the Israeli standard organization and several other bodies which are trying to influence China to take responsibility for the quality control of their produce. I am the first to admit that you can find the very best produce in China but in contrast there is also the very worst and every quality variant in between. Recently I proved to an Israeli dairy company that the manufacturer of their plactic containers in Israel had bought sub standard plastic pellets from which the plastic is moulded. This problem was investigated after consumer complaints of a strong plastic taste in the yogurt products which was not formally present. We had tests performed on the old and new plastic containers and deemed that the new tubs were unfit to be used in the food industry. This is just one example of things which are being discovered every week all over the world. I suggest that you read some of the reports which are made public from standards and consumer protection agencies in your country. I would also like to advise you to try to make your writing method a bit more polite and civilized.

  2. Andrew Routledge

    Hi Sophia. Thanks for your comment. Green house gasses have only a very limited effect on global worming. Remember that the eruption of one good volcano will emit hundreds of times more green house gasses than that of industry since the start of the industrial revolution! Vocanos erupt all the time. Global warming has been happening for the last ten thousand years at least. The main effect of global warming will be the onset of a new ice age. We must remember, that is a natural process which will occur no matter what we do. Nature is more poweful than anything we can invent. The main issues that we face are soil polution, polution of water resources and radiation.

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