Concerns Over Farmed Tilapia

Tilapia has become America’s third most popular fish but it has recently come under attack because most of the fish are raised on Chinese fish farms that practice bad fish farming management. Tilapia is popular because it is relatively cheap, tasty and doesn’t have a strong fishy taste.

It has become almost impossible to find wild tilapia on the market. In its natural environment tilapia eats mainly plants while in fish farms it is given GMO soy and corn. This has caused the fish to be deemed unhealthy for several reasons.

The first reason is due to inflammation. Recent studies show that eating farm tilapia can cause several complains to form or to worsen. These are, heart disease, arthritis, asthma. If is wrong to believe that in eating tilapia one gets omega 3 three oils to reduce complications when, in fact, the opposite may be truer. In fact, tilapia may well be worse than other forms of junk food.

These farm reared fish are, in fact, exposed to over ten time more environmental pollutants than wild tilapia and this is why they are given antibiotics, because they are more prone to disease. In fact, they may have substances like formalin added to their water. In addition, pesticides are used to counter lice that grown on and within the meat of the fish. These pesticides are extremely strong and will kill will fish.

Farm reared Tilapia also may contain high levels of Dioxin. Dioxins not only cause cancer but the also are very difficult to remove from the body. Dioxin also lowers your body’s natural immune response that counters cancer cells and pathogens.

Farmed tilapia does not contain the nutrients that your body requires and it is a fallacy to believe that this fish is beneficial to your health.

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