sport-970443_1920For those who participate in sports there are a lot of issue that continually crop up. From the side it seems as though such people are super fit and rarely if ever experience the pains and aches that the rest of us feel. As a person who has played rugby, run marathons, karate, been a trooper and a diver, I can tell you absolutely that nothing could be further from the truth.

Sports people train so that their sugar levels remain level and balanced and that fats burn easily. However, these things are not without consequence. Sportsmen face phenomena such as, over training, peaking to early, lactic acid accumulation, the ability of the body to repair injury, oxidative damage, burn out, cramping, muscle shake, electrolyte balance and more.

All of these phenomena are to do with the function of cells within the body. Cells need to be fed, cleaned and maintained. All of these functions are done with the help of the food we eat. Bu enlarge there are several categories of food which we will initially ter as macro nutrients and micronutrients. By Macronutrients I am referring to sugars, carbohydrates, fats, fiber and proteins. These are the major components of the food we eat but in addition there are,minerals, vitamins, coenzymes, provitamins, enzymes, plant steroids, flavonoids, antioxidants and phytonutrients as well as many other elements.

Juice plus contains elements of the second category in concentration of 26 different vegetables, fruits and berries. In fact, a far richer selection that a person would eat in his everyday diet. This means that the body of the sportsman is receiving the tools that will help transfer nutrients into the cell to perform vital functions and also to take unneeded spent nutrients out of the cell, and, indeed, the body.

Thus, sportsmen can expect improvement in performance, such as improved recovery time, less overtraining and burnout, better ability to rest, less lactic acid build up, quicker injury repair, less oxidative damage, better fat burning, better sugar levels etc.

Much research has been done on all of these topics. Juice plus has been found to possess properties above and beyond what was expected by independent research laboratories with the USA, Europe, the UK and elsewhere. Presently, the German and Austrian olympic teams have chosen Juice plus capsules as their only nutritional supplement.

Juice plus in the dietary regimen of all sportsmen and women is a most positive step in the direction of ultimate performance.

Molds are in fact everywhere. They are a part of nature that we simply cannot get away from. However, molds are most active in places where they have cold, dampness and a source of food. This makes cold storage facilities for fruit and vegetables ideal places for molds to thrive.age-1238304_1920

Fruit and vegetables may sit in cold storage facilities for weeks, sometimes months. The air inside is stale, high in carbon dioxide which is also good for molds. Mold forms mostly on the walls and the ceiling of cold stores where they form spores. Spores are released in waves into the air and float down to settle upon the skin of Fruits and vegetables.

As the spores develop they produce tiny microscopic like structures that penetrate under the skin of the host and begin to soak up nutrients for digestion. If left long enough, these molds cells will connect until they take on the appearance that we are all familiar with, a green-grey furry coating.

Molds can seriously deplete the nutrient value of the host, soaking up vitamins and all kinds of phytonutrients which we believe we are getting when we buy fresh vegetable or fruit produce. What is more, because the produce is picked unripe, mold actually has an advantage over the produce because the plant has not fully developed its protection systems against mold and other microorganisms. The mold, actually reduces the acidity of the unripe produce.

Although most molds do not directly cause us disease, if we are healthy, it does indirectly help other microorganisms to gain an advantage over us by reducing the level of vital compounds in the food that we need to keep the body fit and disease resistant.

Now some companies are combating this phenomena by producing nutritional food supplements that have been made out of fully ripe and fresh vegetables. Such supplements undergo special procedure to separate a high percentage of phytonutrients from other parts of the plant structure such as sugars, carbohydrates and cellulose pulp. One such Company is Juice Plus. Their product is made from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, thirty in fact. This gives the body a large compliment of nutrients that substitute what is lost in normal nutrition due to poor storage conditions. In fact, even if we buy farm fresh produce we would be hard pressed to eat such a large variety of fruit and vegetables every day so in this sense we are supplying the body with as much as we can for it to work with.


appetite-1238252_1920In 2011 I began to have trouble with an infected heart valve. I was becoming breathless quickly and had to take long rests to get my breath back. It was obvious that my left ventricle had a thickened wall and also blood was flowing back into the ventricle instead of getting pumped out through my body.

In 2012 things got worse, I had lost consciousness a couple of times and whenever I lay down I felt dizziness for over a quarter of an hour. It was decided that I was to have an aortic valve replacement with open heart surgery.

After the operation I felt quite well. I soon was walking much more than I had before without getting breathless. Then, about two weeks after the operation an infection set into the area around my sternum. I had contracted a bacteria called Pseudomonas a. At first the wound was just oozing but after a few days my temperature went up and I had to go back into hospital.

It took three bouts of two antibiotics to bring things under control. The bacteria had been beaten but Candida had set in and for me this was far worse than the bacterial infection. I felt really lousy. It took over a month to get rid of it, or at least to contain it to a level that was manageable. these things are very difficult to completely get rid of.

All was well for a while, a short while. It was after a couple of months that I started getting hand shaking, muscle pain, joint pain, IBS symptoms, depression,anxiety and twitching legs. My GP told me that she was sure I had Fibromyalgiatop-view-1248950_1920 and sent me to a reumatologist for diagnosis. He confirmed the worst, I indeed did have Fibromyalgia. At first there was not much to do except to rest, exercise in a heated pool, have gentle massages and whatever else I discovered helped, such as classical music.

It was then that an old and loyal friend phoned me and told me about Juice Plus and it’s nutritional properties. To tell you the truth, I decided to take it more to keep the replacement heart valve in shape than for the fibromyalgia. Anyway, I started to take Juice Plus capsules. In a reasonably short time I started to feel improvements in little niggly things like split skin on my hands, a better complexion, fewer hunger pangs. Sometime after that I realized that I had more energy and I was more motivated. I could exercise almost three time more than I had done before taking the capsules and my concentration was improving. I could do some work again and I was sleeping less and napping less. With Fibromyalgia these things are major achievements. I will confide in you that before taking the Juice Plus capsules I was considering travelling to Switzerland for euthanasia. I don’t think I would have done it because of my love for my children, however, the thoughts and desire were there and because of this I was a candidate for a period of treatment in the psychiatric ward.

Thankfully Juice Plus got me out of that situation and after a period of nearly six years away from the blog I am working on it again. Even my doctors couldn’t believe the difference Juice Plus had had upon me. The Author.

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