Would you agree with me that food hygiene is an issue which concerns you every day of your life?

It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have, you will always use that knowledge to inspect the freshness and quality of your food.

Hi, I’m Andy Routledge, former head chef, writer,  photographer, entrepreneur, and coach. I have worked in the food industry for the past thirty two years as a chef,  cheese maker, food factory shift supervisor and department head. Having enjoyed such a long career in  food  and having gained a lot of experience in many areas of the business, I thought it was high time that I wrote a little of what I know about food hygiene for people like you who want to educate themselves a little more on the subject of basic food hygiene essentials.

I have set the blog up as a type of food hygiene mini course that will take you trough the various topics as they are typically presented in more formal food hygiene courses. I have tried to keep the content of the material as informal as possible but at the same time not to allow myself to forget the need to stress  the importance of the subject matter regarding  the serious implications involved in food hygiene

The  material content of the blog has been carefully chosen to suit the needs of small to medium sized food businesses of all types and yet it remains simple enough for the home owner to understand and apply in the household scenario.

My experience in the food industry includes 12 years in a leading international soft drinks company, two years as a cheese maker and 20 years as a kitchen chef. I have prepared over twenty five million meals and in all the time I have worked in this profession I never had a single complaint about food poisoning having originated from my kitchen. Unfortunately, on the other hand, I have contracted serious food poisoning several times at the hands of others. Believe me, it is not an experience I would wish on anybody.

In this web page we will be looking into many different aspects of food hygiene and safety. Articles will be posted onto the blog on a regular basis on a wide variety of associated subjects and you will be able to watch relevant videos on the subject of food hygiene on the pages. I hope you will find the material presented on the blog both enjoyable and educational. You are welcome to post comments and feedback whenever you like.

You will find all the pages, article posts and categories  included in this blog on the right hand side of this page. I would like to invite you to read them as many times as you like and to recommend this blog to others who you think would find value in reading it.

Most Warm Regards,

Andy Routledge



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